Pretty Muddy 2016!

Hi everyone! Hope all you lovely bunch are okay!

Yesterday, I took part in the Pretty Muddy event as part of Race for Life. I did the 5K race in York, but there are also 10K races available for those people a little bit braver (and a lot fitter) than me! You can find the full details for all of the events here! I had the absolute best time! My anxiety was super kicking in before the race and in the first couple of minutes, but the team spirit was absolutely amazing and it gave me such a buzz! This is the first running event I have ever taken place in and I’m definitely going to persuade all my friends to sign up with me next year, maybe even be brave and do the 10K!


The course itself is super fun, filled with muddy obstacles the whole way around. My favourites were the muddy cargo nets, the space hoppers and of course, the huge inflatable slide with a big pool of mud at the bottom! The marshalls also threw huge buckets of mud at you on your way around the course! Like I said, I’m not the fittest person ever. I regularly do 5K in the gym but I have never actually run outside before and was worried about that. But there is absolutely no competition whatsoever and most people walk it! Even if you do want to run/jog, you get to have little breaks whilst you wait for the obstacles to be free, anyway. My sister did the event too, and she has a physical disability. It’s all for fun and you just take it at your own pace! It’s all about raising money for charity and working together to find a cure for cancer!

The photo’s show the difference in how clean we were at the beginning, compared to how muddy we got at the end! Excuse my squinty eyes, it was a ridiculously hot and sunny day!

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

If anybody is thinking about taking part, I urge you to do so! It’s honestly so fun and I will definitely do it again! Pretty Muddy is open to females aged 13 and over (just because of the obstacles) and there are so many different locations where you can get involved! And if you don’t fancy getting absolutely blattered, you can do the standard races which are just as much fun!

Have any of you guys done Pretty Muddy before? How did you find it? I’d love to see your photos!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Together, we will find a cure for cancer!

Lots of love,


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