I’m Bethany, but you can call me Beth if you’d prefer. I’m 23 years old and I live in a very small town in Yorkshire. I work as a receptionist, but I’ve figured out I have plenty of time to run a blog now! I was actually encouraged by a lovely friend of mine, Jordan (you can find her amazing blog here) to start this blog!

I have always been influenced by the world of beauty. Growing up as a competitive dancer from four years old meant that I had to wear a ridiculous amount of makeup very often. I don’t dance anymore, but I still love makeup. I love trying new products and seeing what works well for myself. I’m by no means an expert at makeup, but it’s always fun to try new things!

Alongside makeup, I am completely into anything Disney related and I’m sure you can tell by my blog name, I love butterflies so much. I also love tattoos. I actually have two Disney tattoos! I’m also a complete bookworm and can spend hours and hours locked away with just a book! This blog is going to be a mixture of things I’m interested in – makeup, hair, fashion, food and lifestyle. And anything else I feel like writing about!


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